Forced to “take it easy” now

I now have a huge knot at the top of my new scar, it was a tiny tight spot Saturday morning then after the fall it began to swell and get tighter. 
And yes I know that I blew it Sunday despite all the wonderful people who wanted to help me I overdid it and now my leg hurts like the entire thing is one big getting ready to be cramped up muscle.   The knot itself is about half the size of a tennis ball, rock hard and very tender.
I called and left a message with my surgeon but when they called back we had phone trouble so they left me a voicemail saying they would see me first thing Thursday. Alex has pretty much threatened to tie me down for 3 days if I don’t take it easy between now and Thurs.
So no more than 10 mins an hour of light chores and walking around and I have to be careful when I visit at grandma’s house and not over doing it there either.
I am really hoping by Thursday there will be very little for them to see and I will be OK.


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