Let me first say I am OK

So a month ago I had my second total knee replacement, one thing they beat into your head is that a bad fall on to them in the next few years could mean shattering the bone around the metal before it is completely bonded together and that it would be possible that I would lose my leg.
Tonight I was dropping stuff off at a venue for a party and the floor is not just cement but they have a skate ramp made of steel that I tripped over while carrying a small open cooler with glass bottles in it.
Let me repeat that I TRIPPED, I FELL.
I remember hitting the edge of the metal and going down and two thoughts went through my mind at once…”if I fall on my knees I might as well die because this will be more than I can face.” and the simultaneous thought was “oh shit today has been hard enough without having a freaking ambulance have to drag my ass out of here.”
And despite the fact that I was headed straight down to my knees I TWISTED IN MID AIR!
I landed on my hip and butt with my knee held inches above the ground, the cooler hit hard and upon checking non of the bottles had broken.
So now I am home, I feel vaguely in shock and it is a little as if it was something that actually happened to someone else.
The person walking behind me when I fell said she wasn’t sure how I managed not to land on my knees, that one second I was falling forward and the next moment I landed on my butt.
Lately I have been working on my abs and I don’t know if it helped but I know that my abs hurt more than my knees or hips/butt so it might have actually made a difference.


One thought on “Let me first say I am OK

  1. LauraMacky says:

    I’m so glad you’re ok! Eesh, that must’ve been scary! My mom landed on one of her replacements when she fell down an escalator but it was three years after and she was ok. I’m always paranoid of falling.

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