How $6 made 2 people happy

This is the thing about friendship.
I can’t physically go to a super cool event or even sit through a movie right now even though I have exactly what the suggested donation amount for the event is (it is a charity thing)…I tell my friend who has had some shitty times lately about it and he flips and is sad because he loves the kind of performance they are doing (where as I support the charity more though the show might be fun) but he doesn’t have the $ on hand.
I say “hand me my wallet, here is the cost, go enjoy it and support the cause”
I could be bummed that I couldn’t go or feel as if I am “out” of the $6 but that is not how real friendship works. Real friendship isn’t about quid pro quo or getting the better hand, it is about giving a hand when needed and knowing that it won’t be abused.
It was $6 amazingly well spent because I got to feel good about helping a friend who deserves a little break away from stress and they got to go help a charity type thing with a good body positive message while having fun.
It comes down to this…I couldn’t go anyway, why should my friend be punished when it is within my ability to help give him a good time with something that I had no real plans for?  Every time my family and I have one of those “if I had a million dollars I had to spend what would I do?” conversations I say I would give my mom and grandma access to any home and garden work they want, I would buy the house we are in clean and clear and fix it up better to do art and have parties for friends and I would buy each friend close to me some kind of personal gift or needed service and take a road trip with the 5-6 closest friends I have totally covered and worry free. To me that would be money well spent.
Because in my book friends help each other and don’t begrudge one another when good things happen for them any more then they would be happy about unfortunate things happening to a friend. They also don’t worry if things seem sort of uneven because they know it all will work out in the end.
The funny thing is he wants to pay me back so I told him to buy another friend who is coming to visit cookies for after her long drive Saturday.
By the way it isn’t that I am bragging, but I have to say if I could only pick a few terms that I wish described me perfectly they would be “she is a good and generous human being, she is an amazing and supportive friend and a great artist and crafter who enjoys life.”
Something I strive everyday to live up to.


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