Grandma’s first day of chemo

Grandma has her first chemo today to attempt to put stage 4 intestinal cancer into remission.
The “2hr procedure” takes all day each time (5-7 hours) as they will have to do blood work, wait for the results, have a doctor confirm that she is OK for the chemo then get her set up and attached to the machine and started then unhooked every time she needs the bathroom and then there is a physical examination afterwards to make sure she is reacting OK to it.
Then she goes home and has to force herself to eat something and stay hydrated and try not to spend all night throwing up.
She is pretty upbeat today and is collecting cute scarves and head wraps and even got a small book on ways to wrap them.
I am going to start looking for more scarves for her and go over and hang them all up for her in some nice ways.
Most of my family who is in town is very involved, today I bought 4 more bottles of antiseptic hand gel for different parts of the house, 3 more canisters of antiseptic hand wipes, one for her walkers and one for the kitchen sink as well as some small potatoes for potassium and berry cold brew tea bags to help her drink enough.
Grandma is really attempting to take as good a care of herself as she can as naturally as she can to help let the chemo do it’s job.  Our job as a family is to be there for her every step of the way.


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