We are so different, mom and I

I love my mom (and I know she loves me) but she has a very hard time understanding some of my quirks…especially when it comes to money or the things I want that cost a bit more than she thinks they should. She doesn’t get my interest in jewelry or fancy clothes or just certain unusual or special things that could be gotten less cheaper but less special or specific.
I want a bike, a specific bike, it is a Schwinn 1 speed Burgundy and tan bike called “the Sanctuary” …. it costs between $150 and $200
This sort of boggles her mind.

Her: “You should just take my bike, I don’t use it much.”
Me: “I have a specific bike in mind, the idea of it helps me keep going when I think I will never ride a real bike after 30 years.”
Her: “How much is it?”
Me: “around $170.00”
Her: “………. why not just take my bike?”
Me: “The bike I gave you is not a cruiser, it isn’t Burgundy, it isn’t a 1 speed Schwinn and it isn’t something that motivates me.”
Her: “………… (sigh) you sure do like to spend money.”
Me: (inside my head because I am not stupid and don’t want to sound like a 14yr old) “Yep that’s why I want it Mom……”
Me: (out loud) “Mom I have no clue why it matters to me but it does.”
Her: “Well I hope you get it and actually use it more than I do my bike.”
End of subject (for now)



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