Crafting and recovering

My knee is the same old same old for now.  For me the worse part is that while it hurts I can’t concentrate well enough to drive and when I am doped up I can’t drive.  Being stuck at home without being able to do many of the chores that need doing beyond basic housework really sucks.
I am a variety of small crafts as they are easy to put aside when I run out of steam.
Monday night after sleeping all day to recover from hardcore overdoing this last weekend I made a bunch of decorated bobby pins with ornate buttons and fingernail polish.
I have been trying to grow my hair out all one length and it needs to be held back so I use head scarves that needs to be clipped on with bobbypins.


Early on Tuesday while waiting for my mom to take me to ReStyle thrift store to drop off some of the clothing that just don’t work well in my wardrobe anymore (if you take something in you receive a half off coupon for your next total purchase) I made a bunch of earrings to wear when I put my hair back in hair cloths.
The only two things are number one I dislike the hooks and will change them over to french hooks Wednesday and the white skulls at the bottom will be painted black.


Tuesday afternoon I made grandma a lightweight quilted velvet purse for her to carry things like a paperback book to chemo, using half of a patchwork velvet pillow sham (Goodwill 2012 – $1) and silver and gold round studs in two sizes, I set them by hand because I am still learning to use the bedazzler that I got along with studs and rhinestones today at Restyle for $1.30 total.  I wanted it to have lightweight but strong straps so the straps came off of a soft cloth grocery bag and I used a small Velcro tab to seal it
The entire thing took me took me an hour to do it while watching Auction Kings on Netflix


Lastly I am working on a small flip book of reasons exercise is good for you, quotes about health and motivation and “bucket list” plans for when my knees are finished healing.  Again I watching Netflix which I seldom do alone unless I am crafting and I wrote 50 reasons it is good for your mind and health from this list.


Also Sunday I covered the old ugly freezer door with old printouts from different projects and covered it with shelf liner and I will have people sign it



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