Happy homecoming anniversary to me

About 10 years ago to the Day Ginger Christiansen found me sitting downtown on a Saturday night, dressed up and being harassed and lead me through the looking glass and to a homeworld I didnt know existed or that I had lost.
A week or so later I met Brandy Angela and life has never been the same.
Neither of them judged me by age, appearance or size, they judged me by who I was and how willing I was to accept them for who they were.
10 years ago, give or take a day or two my life changed, only 2 changes have ever had more effect on me or changed my life more…meeting the man I would one day marry, Alex Lockary and using the confidence that my friends helped build in me to go  through with the weight loss surgery and take charge of my health.
So happy…what the hell ever we should call this…happy homecoming anniversary to me and just plain happy beyond measure to have known Ginger and Brandy for the last decade.

One thought on “Happy homecoming anniversary to me

  1. lauramacky says:

    It’s amazing how some people are just meant to be in one’s life. You seized the moment. Awesome!

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