Don’t hesitate

About a year and 3 months ago my dad died, sometimes I go weeks without thinking about that but I was half awake and thought “oh I will call dad and tell him how my knees are doing.”
My dad got to see me happy and married to a good man, he saw me lose the weight that crippled me but he died before I got my knees replaced partly because I put off doing them out of fear.
Don’t put things off, don’t hesitate to tell those that matter that you care and dont put off what is important out of fear…there may come a time when you can never tell them again or when the chance to do what is needed passes you by.
I was lucky and very glad that I was able to get my knees replaced but I will never be able to share that with him.
Don’t hesitate.


One thought on “Don’t hesitate

  1. lauramacky says:

    I agree. And I’m a huge offender of this very thing. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

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