Just spent 40 minutes pulling down boxes full of 200+ sewing patterns, sorting them out and kept about 10 that are my size or have costume parts I want
The ironic thing is most of the patterns are 24/26-32/34 and they were TOO SMALL for me and my pear hips before weight loss surgery, many of them had been remade and resized on to plastic sheeting to fit my larger and oddly shaped body. 
And now all of the about 120 patterns that size are TOO BIG for me, most of them were never even opened because I was not motivated to alter them to fit.
About 40 patterns that were pulled apart or had been remade in plastic went into recycling and the rest are waiting to be gone through by a friend who sews and would actually not need to alter them.  Along with easily 100+ clothes patterns there are toys, window treatments, children’s costumes and stuff like purses.
After my friend goes through them and takes what she wants, I will offer them to anyone who wants to look through them and then donate them.
I plan to do a lot of sewing as soon as I can #1 sit and get up and down and stand by my drafting table to cut for a decent length of time without hurting and #2 get all the sewing supplies from grandma’s house and #3 organize my art room and storage closets to hold everything.
I will buy a few more patterns but now I am going to be far pickier and only invest in stuff I will actually make.

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