And you wonder why…

Alright…fuck! I give in….I will ice my fucking knee, Gawd I hate hate hate icing my knee.
If anyone wonders why I did in patient rehab…consider that in just one day I have walked way too much, sorted 200 sewing patterns after pulling the boxes they were in off of an 7.5ft high shelf, carried them around, spent more time standing around sorting sewing supplies, cut up and cooked 6 pounds of squash and tomatoes and made a pork dish, 2 meals for Alex, got stuff out of the garage where I should never set foot until I clear it out some, shopped and visited a friend (had such a good visit I sat too long without my leg up) and took a bath I didn’t know if I could get out of, and did the last load of laundry and barely eaten.
And you wonder why I needed time away from the house?


One thought on “And you wonder why…

  1. Jackie says:

    It’s definitely much easier to focus on recovery when the stresses of day to day life are out of sight and out of reach.

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