Off my walker

Oh by the way I left to rehab center off my walker (I have been off my rocker for decades)…this means I am 6 days ahead of where I was last time in may and I am also handling stairs so that is about a month ahead!
Tomorrow is my first day of self run Physical Therapy, short stint on the bike which increases every week and 3 times a day I have a series of 20-30 mins of exercises I do on both legs and abs (the bike I use works my arms)
I am very determined, I no longer have easy excuses for not doing physical things as soon as this heals:
I am no longer morbidly obese and I am still losing slowly but surely
I have 2 new knees so I am no longer crippled, I can’t jump out of airplanes and may never run marathons but I can walk, climb hills and bike on streets
I have a food sensitivity instead of Chronic Fatigue and as long as I behave I should have enough energy
I am finally motivated and have a partner who will do things with me.
My life is changing and I get to decide in which direction, I can fail to eat right or take care of myself and exercise and gain a lot of my weight back OR I can eat right, exercise intelligently and take care of my health and be healthy for a lot longer and enjoy my life with Alex.
Things may get in my way but I myself will not be one of those things.
It is my choice and I choose to do everything I can to be healthy and happy.


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