The article in the Boise weekly today reminded me of not just how I met Ginger Christiansen but how much she means to me personally.
When I met Ginger in 2004 I was over 400 pounds, 35 years old and crippled with arthritis, I had only a few friends because everyone judged me harshly before getting to know me. 
Ginger didn’t judge my age, size or disabilities, she saw a fellow soul in need and with a simple “come with me” she lead me through the looking glass to the home I didn’t realize even existed in Boise.
In the years since she has been there, encouraging me and supporting my choices, she is an amazing person who sees the possibilities in people and tries to help them see those possibilities as well.
When I had given up on ever finding love a small passing compliment from Ginger opened my mind “you’re to full of love to deserve less than you give” and a month later I took a chance and found my soul mate Alex.
She has cheered me on through 3 major life changing operations, weight loss surgery and two knee replacements, she has supported my art and jewelry making and trusted me to work with her and given me all the respect anyone can ask for.
I miss random coffee dates and doing art in public with her but I know I will never lose her from my heart and that is all that matters

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