Sick tummy my own fault.

Sick as a dog eating grass, my tummy hates me!  I didn’t eat enough yesterday and what I did eat was junk (ended up tossing a bunch of candy but I guess not enough)
Not fun but it reminds me I still need to behave and stop eating junk.  I didn’t lose weight this time for just this reason, I didn’t take in anywhere near enough calories and half of the calories I ate were “empty” or nutritionally worthless, and my body went into starvation mode.  I go home tomorrow and I am going to stop with the fucking sugar and journal what I eat so that I get at least 130 grams of protein and 1400 calories a day and 100+ oz of non caffeinated liquid a day.
As I get of of the norco I know my regular appetite will come back so I need to use this month to lose a little but also be healthy.


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