No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and NEVER GIVE UP


Yay…my friend and amazing Cat sitter / house watcher Tenney is bringing me my two huge 88 color eye-shadow pallets so I can play with them while stuck in rehab. It may seem weird but every morning I get dressed, brush my hair, put on one of my fun little hair cloths and do my eye-shadow…hell I even have my electric shaver and keep my legs shaved since I need to wear shorts so as not to rub the staples.
It may seem weird, I could totally wear ponytails and my night shirts all day and they wouldn’t care but somehow it feels more as if I am in control, as if I am in recovery as opposed to being sick when I put out the effort. I never feel as if I HAVE to wear make up and often go weeks without it but it does help me feel put together at least in this situation, sort of like ceremonial armor.

First set of playing around….more to come


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