Never stop


This is how I feel about my recovery, physical therapy HURTS, it is hard and I cry more than I like to admit.  But pushing myself through the pain, through the exercises means the difference between having to worry for the rest of my life that my knee will give out as I walk and that I will only have 40° of flexion (not even enough bend to sit normally) or that my legs will be strong and supportive and that I will have over 120° flexion (kneeling down to get on the floor)
The pain I face now with the help of all of you and your wonderful support is the price I pay for the next 15-20+ years of an active lifestyle.  By not saying “No” when my therapist asks if I can take more of the most painful parts of the therapy I am saying YES to a life of movement, activity and enjoyment with family and friends.
Thank you all for being here for me.


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