I don’t get the TV obsession

Many of my friends are fans of different TV shows, they don’t just like them they are full fanatic and obsessed with everything about them, making them “fangirls” and “fanboys”
I don’t watch TV though I do occasionally watch NetFlix for a few good programs, I love my friends but just don’t get how tied up so many people can become in the lives “stories” of fictional people…or for that matter in the lives “gossip” of famous people who have no real connection to their day to day life.
People seem obsessed by what actor will play the next Doctor Who and freak out at the hint that their favorite character might leave a show or that a show may be canceled.  They talk about the shows and characters with such passion it is as if they themselves are living the part. And for me that is the sad thing, they spend more thought, energy and time living through these shows then they do living their own lives to the fullest…it often seems as if they are on autopilot in between episodes.
I like to read, I enjoy a good movie and even a few good series but I “enjoy” them, I don’t obsess fanatically about them.  I would sooner put my energy towards living my life fully, creating things and being there for my friends.
If a friend has a heart breaking or funny story about themselves I can be enraptured, what actor will play the doctor next? Well I have nothing beyond the most mild curiosity. 
When a friend recently was scared she had lost her unborn child I could barely breath until the news they were OK came, but when the royals of England or Kim Kardashian have a baby I could care less, those people are no more real to me than Rose Tyler or Mary Poppins.
I think TV (fictional or so called reality) should be like dessert, an accompaniment to real life, not a replacement for it.  It should never replace reality, because by doing so we short change ourselves.  Oh so you obsess over TV because your life is boring or sucks? Then put down the remote, step away from the fansites and fan fiction and do something to make your life more interesting.
I am not saying don’t watch TV or read or game, I am not even saying that you shouldn’t really and truly enjoy those things, just don’t let them keep you from living as full and as interesting a life ad you can.


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