Bragging? Yeah I guess so

Someone told me I sound like I am bragging about my recovery…at first that hurt then I realized something, I Am bragging, not exaggerating, just being proud of myself.
Very seldom have I felt as if I was really good at something, anything, especially something physical.  I have always felt like a wimp, like the kid who not only gets picked last but deserves it. Every time I have achieved anything I should be proud of there felt like it had a “well that’s nice but…”  Like the time I ended up on the Dean’s list I missed the honor roll because I only had a D in typography.  Or how when I won awards it was usually second place and of course there is the fact that even as a child I sucked at sports and was often sick.
And now here I am facing something that would be so easy to fail at, even just by taking longer than expected, not getting the range I need or wimping out on my therapy.
But I am more than just succeeding at something not only physically difficult but painful.  I am surprising not just myself but my therapists and doctors.
For the first time in a long time it doesn’t feel as if there is a “that’s great but….” attached to it.  Yes I hurt but I am dealing with it and still doing good and you bet I am proud of it so sorry if it sounds as if I am bragging, I think for once I deserve it.


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