Doing good so far

The physical therapist who saw me today only comes in as a fill in on weekends and had me show him how far I can bend my knee (55° flex) how much I can flatten it (2° extension with a goal of zero) and that I can do a little of all the PT exercises I have been given.
He stopped after measuring my flex and looked at the records and said “there is something wrong here it says you just had your knee replacement 4 days ago but you are doing this at about a 10 to 12 day level”
Also other than the one event of really bad pain where we learned that Dilaudid does nothing for me and a few hours yesterday from over doing my pain has been much better managed.
I hope to be out of here faster than last time which was 18 days.


One thought on “Doing good so far

  1. lauramacky says:

    AWESOME!!! You’re doing great!! I will never have zero extension because it’s just the way my legs are. I’m not built like that and I was assured that it’s normal for me.

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