Crockpot fried brown rice

I made the guys Crockpot Chicken Fried Brown Rice…it is one of those recipes that is great for using up leftovers.
I baked a whole chicken (plus some for dinner last night) and then put the pieces in the crockpot on low with 2 cups of chicken broth and allowed it to cook some more for 3 hrs.  I pulled the chicken out and deboned it after it cooled while the rice cooked.
To do the rice I measured the broth left in the crockpot and added water until there was 4 cups of liquid then dumped 2 cups of brown rice in with it and did errands while it cooked for 3 hrs.
When the rice was done I stirred in a 1 pound bag of frozen mixed vegetables (you could use more or even leftovers), and half of the shredded chicken meat. Then I cut 5 oz (4 slices) of deli-cut ham in to 2inch long thin strips.
After stirring all of that in to the hot cooked rice which allowed the vegetables to partly thaw while I cracked 6 eggs into a bowl and added 2 tablespoons of lite soy sauce.  I beat the egg mix together then poured it over the rice mix and stirred it until the rice was coated.
I then cooked it on high for 2 hours stirring it every 30 mins.
This comes out amazing and each bit of rice is coated.  I will try this with other leftovers like shredded pork or seafood.


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