Mourning food again

Many people who go through weight loss surgery go through a period of depression similar to mourning as it becomes very obvious that there is food they will not be able to eat often or without repercussions.  For some people it is because of dumping syndrome or because they have become newly or much worse intolerant to certain foods, usually Dairy or like with me, gluten.
I was always gluten intolerant and did not know it, in my reading and research I discovered that a severe shock to the system like surgery, such as my WLS and now my knees, can seriously increase sensitivities to food intolerances.  I know it got worse after my Duodenal Switch but thought it was just a symptom of the surgery and my body not digesting carbs well.  But after my knee surgery and losing 30 pounds in a month (3 yrs after my WLS) I found that the symptoms were horribly pronounced and I began getting painfully sick within an hour of eating even small amounts of gluten.
In case you are wondering why I am feeling depressed about this think about this…any food containing wheat, barley and rye or their by products makes my throat swell up painfully and if I eat enough (like half a donut) I will feel sick in a wide variety of ways for days, including increased pain.
I am well aware that most things that contain gluten or my other allergen MSG are all things I should not eat, baked goods, simple carbs, canned foods, sauces, pre made soups and so much more including imitation crab and other foods, I know as I am sure people will remind me that I should be eating “whole foods” cooking everything from scratch.  The thing it doesn’t change the fact that on top of my Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder making me cranky and depressed and my knees deciding 3 weeks before surgery to start acting up I am realizing that the food I “shouldn’t” eat before I now “CAN’T” eat without major issues and it does sometimes make me sad.
Gluten free stuff is pricey so I guess I will simply be good and avoid most carbs like I am supposed to, maybe the sorrow comes from feeling that the choice has been taken from me as to whether or not I can even eat stuff.
Yes I know it is stupid and maybe it is just a reaction to stress but right now it is how I feel, maybe as it becomes more of a habit to just not eat certain things I will be glad I have the reinforcement of it.


One thought on “Mourning food again

  1. LauraMacky says:

    I feel your pain although not to your extreme. I also have gluten intolerance although I’m not celiac, and I know exactly what you mean by mourning those carbs. It’s sad that the better off one is economically, the more healthy one can eat. But it’s cheaper to feed the masses with meat filled with wheat or god knows what else to stretch it out and buns made of wheat and all kinds of chemicals. I have this vision of earth 500 years from now and only the rich will be healthy and perfect because they will have all kinds of options open to them, possibly even genetic coding for births, while the poor will be living in squander with limited healthcare if any and eating garbage….just like they do now. 😦

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