Busy long holiday weekend

Yesterday started our busy 4 day weekend, we mostly took it easy, doing a small amount of shopping and I dyed some clothing then we went to light fireworks off with friends and I made dinner when we got home.
Despite both of my knees giving out today (Friday) and the 3rd day of Orthostatic hypotension (head rushes/dizzy spells upon standing or moving too fast) which I am prone to and Alex having an asthma attack earlier we have gotten a ton done today
I bleached the bathroom floor, toilet bowl and bathroom sink, also bleached out and cleaned off the washing machine (and dryer) as well as the dish washer and ran 2 loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes and cleaned the kitchen sinks and drains/disposal.
I also defrosted the freezer and reloaded it and my mom came over and swept and bleached the kitchen floor and counters while I scrubbed down the inside of the freezer.
Alex and I went to the gym to bike but after 2 miles my knees gave up the ghost (about 3-4 miles less than I usually ride) and then we went to the library book sale and got 40 books for under $14.
We rested for a bit and cleaned up the front room then went shopping for groceries.  I cooked a potato/vegetable casserole with egg and tuna and baked a bunch of chicken quarters for fried rice and chicken broccoli Alfredo and ground pork that I am making spaghetti sauce with.
Alex steam cleaned the carpets in the front room and art room and now we are resting because we both are wiped out and I still hurt a lot which sadly means we can’t go hang out with friends tonight.
Tomorrow Alex volunteers in Nampa (22 miles away) most of the day and I will clean the rest of the bathroom and reorganize the art room and do some more cooking then we will go visit some out of town friends and Sunday we can veg after putting away about 5 loads of laundry


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