Wild and crazy weekend planned (cleaning)

Ugh, Alex and I have wild, crazy plans for the holiday weekend…yes that’s right…DEEP CLEANING! WOOT

Thursday we are going to mostly veg and hide from the heat after putting away the usual ton of clothing and towels I wash each week then rest until dark then venture out to blow stuff up.

Then Friday the fun starts!
Carpet steam cleaning,
Bleaching out the Dishwasher and disposal and every counter in the kitchen
Drain cleaning everything
cleaning the fridge

Then Saturday Alex works in Nampa and I get to defrost the freezer (meaning no AC) meaning I will most likely go hide out at a coffee shop for the hottest part of the day.
Then since no matter how hard we try, defrosting a huge freezer gets the kitchen floor wet we will be bleaching the kitchen floors as well.

Sunday involves bleaching out the washing machine (have to do it anyway since it builds up soap scum so I will get some dying done Saturday night)
Scrubbing the tub and surround within a inch of its life (ahhh hair dye)
Doing the same to the vanity and floor (same reason)

Oh yes we know how to party it up on a holiday weekend…lol….but actually it is totally because we do have parties that the carpet needs cleaning and the floor needs bleaching.

We agreed we won’t mess with the black hole of Calcutta (our garage of cluttered doom) until September when things cool down and I am mobile again after my next surgery.


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