Big picture thinking

My knee hurts and is stiff…whaaaaa
OK got that out of the way, the thing is I have to always remember that the recovery and rehab is a long term thing, if I stop moving it, flexing it, enough it will hurt more and get stiff…and the only cure is to move it more, which hurts.
So much like eating better or doing anything to get healthy I get to make a decision… do I give in and take the “easy” instant gratification way out (eat what I want right now/not exercise because it hurts a bit/not take my meds because trying to remember takes effort) or do I look at the extended big picture?  Do I tell myself “go to the gym so in a year it won’t hurt so much and while your at it stop looking at that cookie which we know will make us sick for a week.”
Well I plan to be in the gym by 4:15 so I guess I am looking at the big picture


One thought on “Big picture thinking

  1. La Quinta Blackmon says:

    I warp mines when I go to the gym

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