Confession of a temporary pop culture burn out

I have a confession….a great shame. You see today I am in the biggest most fucking raging anti fan girl/geek fit mood.
Looking at Pinterest and Tumblr is like pulling teeth, for the sake of my friends I won’t name the names of certain fandoms that for some unknown reason have my nerves on end today….usually I could care less, I don’t watch TV and seldom watch movies but today all I can think of when I see the fan fodder is “why the fuck do I know so damn much about this crap if I never have watched it….for that matter how do I even know what is cannon and what is shipped up fan fic?”
Hopefully this will pass because if it doesn’t there goes Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest not to mention about 1/3 of what half the people I know talk about.
Maybe it is a new and exotic form of rainy day PMS.
I feel very very old today, I went through my post weight loss/knee replacement bucket list and made a Pinterest board then searched other bucket lists and realized many things that I once wanted to do I just don’t feel the desire to do anymore and most of what other people want to accomplish just does little for me.
Maybe it is ennui but I feel burned out lately, cynical and uninterested and uninteresting, untalented and most of all tired and I am realizing I let most of my life go to pain and limited mobility. From my early 30s to now there have been great parts of my life but I miss the drive to create, to travel, to see things for the first time.
Don’t get me wrong I have an amazing life and most likely this is temporary but I feel that I lost part of myself recently, my art, my need to create and in its place is a grumpy old bitch.
Time to find that part again … ummm maybe after a nap.


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