Lost…my art mojo

Do you know that the only thing that is worse than feeling like an untalented fraud is knowing that you have talent (and training) but just absolutely can not access it anymore no matter how you try.
I have lost whatever arty mojo or even connection to art I ever had and I hope maybe after this next knee surgery I can get it back by just sheer perseverance.
I dont even feel crafty anymore, it is as if there is nothing original or interesting inside me artistically to share right now.
I think I will give myself the next 2 months to just be, not worry, not stress and just do some journaling and small simple crafts.  Then spend a few months making myself paint until I remember the joy of it.


One thought on “Lost…my art mojo

  1. exavatar says:

    Awwwwe, well you know what? I felt the same exact way! I’ve always been an artist, mainly a musician. And when I had my neck surgery in 2004, I could never play again like I used to. It was really sad. But then after all the surgeries I’ve had (and trust me, there have been a LOT of them), I’ve risen once again to find a new passion in photography. You’re a fighter. You’ll get your art back! Will you be blogging from your hospital bed? I loved SIRI on my iPhone for that. 😉

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