Yay for gluten intolerance (not being chronic fatigue syndrome)

Is it weird I am glad I am now sure I am Gluten Intolerant? Not to the point of it doing intestinal damage but to the point where I eat it and I am truly miserable for days.
I was told that I had chronic fatigue syndrome which has no known cure now all I have to do is actually stick to my Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Surgery diet and not eat baked goods, pasta and avoid gluten in processed foods which I shouldn’t eat anyway and I feel so much better, I have energy, a clear mind and less pain.
I spent most of my life since about 9 or 10 sick in one way or another, I never had energy, I had chronic headaches that eventually became migraines and even without eating huge amounts of food I couldn’t lose weight even on diets until I went on a super low Carb diet that just happened to cut gluten out of my life. (My pre surgery South Beach Diet)
Knowing that I can’t eat any baked (gluten ridden) carb heavy foods without being sick for days makes it much easier to avoid them.

These are the Gluten Intolerance symptoms I have had

Abdominal Pain and Cramping
Bouts of Diarrhea
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Borborygmi (stomach rumbling) Depression, Anxiety and Irritability
Headaches and Migraines
IBS Symptoms
Joint pain
Mouth sores or mouth ulcers
Peripheral Neuropathy (including either a tingling or sensation of swelling your toes and fingers)
Sore throat
Steatorrhea (high lipids in the stool, which may cause the stool to float)
Swollen glands
Teeth Problems
Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies
Unexplained weight gain (more often weight loss)


One thought on “Yay for gluten intolerance (not being chronic fatigue syndrome)

  1. Lauramacky says:

    Omg, Im so glad you found this out. I’ve had issues all my life as well and stopped eating gluten maybe a year ago or so. I used to have really bad fibromyalgia and its gotten a lot better since I haven’t eaten gluten. Plus, I had a lot of skin issues too which have resolved. I am SO GLAD you’ve figured this out! Awesome!!

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