Dealing with stress right for once

I was so mad today at the world in general and usually I would seriously be saying “give me the brownies and no one dies”
Instead I went to buffet with a friend for lunch at noon and had a tiny piece of fish, half a small slice of meatloaf, a small scoop of Bourbon chicken and about a tablespoon of carrot cake then walked around Target
After Alex got off at 4 we went to the Y and I rode out a lot of the anger by doing 4.5 miles in 32 mins while listening to aggressive 80s rock.
Finally I binged, well not really, I ate the insides out of a double meat gyro (lean beef and lamb) it is more than I have eaten in one sitting in months but I don’t feel sick just “not hungry” For the last 4 weeks I have only been able to eat a little at a time then feel hungry a little later but don’t actually want to eat anything. Now I just feel comfortably full if that makes sense.
So now a short rest then some house cleaning and an early night with my sweetie.


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