Buying clothing with our Exercise budget

I talked to my hubby…we made a deal, we have 5 scheduled exercise dates a week, 4 sessions at the Y to ride bikes and a long walk at least once a weekend (not including any other exercise I get in like walking with mom or doing yard work or errands for grandma)
Every time we do our agreed upon exercise session we will credit each other $1 (up to $5 a week)…we are opening an account across the st from his bank, no debit card just savings and each payday we add up what we earned and physically deposit it and keep track of who has what.  We each pick an outfit we want by the end of the year and save for it.
This is money we don’t use for anything but the clothing we plan on, if we can’t save it by the end of the year we wait.
Mine is a shirt and skirt from and Alex’s is a fitted, classic black trench coat long enough for him.
I can’t wait!


One thought on “Buying clothing with our Exercise budget

  1. Lauramacky says:

    Great! You’ve got a plan, a little competition and a reward! Love it!

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