Frustrated from pain

I know it is mostly hormonal from sudden weight loss but I am so frustrated, I am really really trying to get off pain meds (Tramadol) partly because the longer I am off of it before surgery the more effective it will be after.  I am trying to eat right and doing…OK but not great, I don’t have much appetite but always seem to crave sweets
But most of all I am trying to get strong and it seems as if everyday there is a new pain in my knee, in a different place, a different degree or type, just when I figure out how to get one to lessen up then there is a new one.  I am 7 weeks out and it is not uncommon to hurt for 6 months but it frustrates me because I am trying to work out, to walk, to ride my bike and today the pain is taking my breath away.
I just want to lay here and cry but I know I need to get up and go to the Y and ride bike and I will but damn it is so hard to do that, get my walk AND do my PT when my knee is finding new and interesting ways to torture me.

One thought on “Frustrated from pain

  1. lauramacky says:

    Boy, do I know how you’re feeling. I was so incredibly frustrated and depressed yet tried to stay positive because I didn’t want to feel worse. Seven weeks is not much time. I barely could do much at that stage of the game. I really didn’t start feeling much better until 12 weeks. It was like a bell went off at 12 weeks! I’m finally now doing 30 minutes of cardio at the gym but I’m almost at six months! I’ve had to learn what patience means the hard way. I know it’s easy to hear someone else say all this, but it’s true. Be easy on yourself. Your bike will be there. it’s not going anywhere. Your body and knee needs time. And in our society, it doesn’t much support that kind of thinking. We are used to getting everything in a rush. Did you check out my graph in how I felt over five months? It might be interesting to you. Hang in there. You’re doing really great!! I’m amazed at how much you have to deal with and what you’ve done to improve yourself. You’re an inspiration!

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