Facing fears

Despite the scale saying I weigh this there are things my mind still swears my body can not do because I am “too fat”
In weight loss surgery lingo we have a thing called a NSV (Non Scale Victory) a victory either large or small that isn’t related to the readout on the scale pre say. These include things like changing clothing sizes, fitting in places you haven’t before and more.
I guess you could say with a knee replacement there are similar victories “recovery victories”
Yesterday I posted that despite being smaller than I was in high school I was afraid to take a bath in our tub, other than the huge jetted tub at our honeymoon suite 2 years ago I have not tired to sit in a tub of water for about 8 years and before that it was just a few times at places with huge tubs.  Combine my weight, my physical size and my bad knees and stories of firemen rescuing fat naked people from tubs and I had given up.
Today was the second day I worked out pretty seriously and I still don’t seem to have the hang of getting enough to eat first or drink during so again my legs were killing me.
I know an Epson salt and baking soda bath can sooth muscles and Alex is home so I decided to try.  I took my phone with me and asked him to keep his near in case I needed help getting up.  My right knee is still healing and my left knee is ruined and I cant get on my knees especially in a metal bathtub.
Even so I managed to get in, fit well and most of all I got myself out of the tub.  I feel better physically and mentally and I am proud I faced my fear.


One thought on “Facing fears

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m so happy for you! Baths are my favorite thing. 🙂

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