Exercise plan this summer

Alex just went on Day shift 730-4 from swing (330-12am) for the summer so I let him know that I really need him to help me get stronger for my next knee surgery July 23rd so the next 52 days he will be helping me work out.
Tomorrow and Sunday we are both going to different parks for walks (Boise Idaho has SO much park land and so many miles of green belt it is amazing compared to most places its size)  and each day this weekend we will go to the Y and work out.
Yesterday my surgeon was proud of how well I was walking, she wouldn’t be today right now (I hyper extended today so I have to go slow but build up the muscles so it will stop doing that despite it hurting)
I have to start slow since my knee is healing so probably a 30min walk, ice the knee then a 30 min slow stationary bike ride… and then my Physical Therapy exercises.

We will both be going to the Y 4-5 days a week and every weekend and the week days we don’t go to the Y we go for a walk…I want to hit every park in town at least once and take one pic per walk for my blog, I will post them weekly.

Here’s a list of Boise parks and even cemeteries, the Greenbelt and more http://parks.cityofboise.org/parks-locations/

Other than seeing all the parks I want to get to were I can bike between 4-5 miles a time and walk at least a mile by the 20th of July, remember my right knee is healing and my left knee is bone on bone so we will see.


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