Really amazing day!

Today has been great, one good thing after another.
Got back on the stationary bike after 4 days letting what I thought was my Iliotibia band heal again, 0.85 miles in 10 mins riding slow, little pain.
Went to the Surgeon’s office and weighed in at 195 (191 at home without shoes )
Dr W. was impressed with my recovery and said if I keep exercising and stretching I won’t need out patient physical therapy this time.
We scheduled my next surgery for July 23rd, for the first time I am convinced it is the right thing at the right time.
She said my scar has healed enough to start putting oil on it, so I made my own mix.
My bariatric surgeon’s office called all of my 3rd year blood work came back perfect including my Vitamin D which was low 3 months ago and Iron was perfect despite the rapid weight loss.
I am off of norco and taking less than 200mg of tramadol a day.
I got cleared to drive again today!
Alex found out the school he will be working at this summer while his usual location is being refurbished is 2 blocks from home
And today is my second day off sugar…even with yummy cheap baked goods around
Other people photograph what they eat, this is what I Didn’t eat…lol.



One thought on “Really amazing day!

  1. Jackie says:

    Congrats šŸ˜Š

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