Need more energy, energy = calories

I can’t believe I am complaining about losing weigh and not being hungry and if it wasn’t for the fact I have to heal asap I would be fine with it. 22 pounds in 4 weeks is right back to where I was just 6 months out of surgery and it would be amazing if I didn’t feel weak and I want to heal as fast as I can so I should be eating 1800 calories (2100 actual calories because I don’t absorb as much) and getting 130 grams of protein and if it wasn’t for protein powder I wouldn’t be getting 50g a day.
I made all this amazing food before I went to rehab, tons of stuff for the man and a bunch just for me.  I made all these different flavors of chicken, pork and beef dishes, put them in small servings from 5 oz to 9.5oz and froze them and now nothing sounds good and it isn’t just that I don’t have any appetite but that the thought of eating most things makes me feel sick to my stomach.  The problem of course is I desperately need calories and protein to heal. 
I need to just go buy some deli cut Bar-S lunch meat (5g protein a slice) and I have cheese sticks (6g protein each) and some almonds and cashews (i enjoy them stirred into yogurt) tonight after Nocturnum and each day I need to put what: I NEED to eat in ziplocs in the fridge and just force myself to nibble a little all day until I go through it.
I know I won’t starve to death if I don’t but I want to heal as well and as fast as I can and that takes energy. I also think the weakness and lack of energy is making the pain more noticeable.


One thought on “Need more energy, energy = calories

  1. Lauramacky says:

    Yes! Now is not a good time to “diet”. You need protein to heal. It’s not only that though…a nurse told me that we need almost the same amount of calories as we were having before surgery otherwise our bodies feel like they’re in deficit which isn’t a good state to be in when we’re trying to heal. I’m not a doctor or a nurse, but it made sense to me.

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