My knee (PICS)

Well there are pics of my knee with the amazing bandage they had on for 6 days (it can go for a week) and the smaller port site for the computer aided assist then pics right after we took it off and then when we covered it back up








4 thoughts on “My knee (PICS)

  1. lauramacky says:

    Hello 🙂 I’m not sure I understand what computer aided assist is?? I had a TKR and didn’t have the opening on my leg. What was it for? Was this more than a regular TKR?

    • trinaxxl says:

      It is so they can scope in a tiny camera, she said it would reduce the bigger scar needing to be longer, 2 little spots or 3 more inches…easy choice, she also said my knee was much worse than she could tell before surgery

      • Lauramacky says:

        Wow, I had a minimally invasive TKR with a scar much smaller than yours and no camera. Plus my knee was totally shot. Are you outside the states?

      • lauramacky says:

        Yeah I read that, but I guess I’m just not understanding. My scar is 5″ and I had no camera, and my knee was shot. Maybe your doctor uses a different procedure. I also had glue and no staples. As long as the result comes out positively, that’s all that matters!

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