Doing better every day

I have already walked a lot today!
Saw the rehab facilities Dr and he prescribed electronic stimulus while I exercise because some of my muscles on the top and bottom of my thigh are not firing right but they say it happens from nerve and muscle shock after such an invasive surgery. 
I have a very proud PT guy, yesterday I could only bend my knee by myself 54° and today it was 81°! In fact even with him forcing the knee to try to break down scar tissue he was only able to get 91° so he was very impressed.
And that was after a crappy nights sleep and a lot of pain.
Speaking of pain, the TENS unit they have me using seems to work some to relieve pain though I can only handle it to 3 (out of 10) because my skin around the knee where the bandage was removed is somewhat tender and a little raw.  If they prove to help enough to justify it I may look at getting one for home.
The occupational therapy lady had me do some tests today and said I am doing well and then corrected a few bad habits like sliding my feet and not bending my knee or lifting my feet when I walk.
Walking like that it does helps but after all the walking, sitting through a meeting with the really amazingly cool dietitian and some residences to talk about ideas to make the menus work for more people’s needs and then taking a shower I was so wiped out I was shaking when she was asking me to show her how I do things.  But she took it into consideration and said I just need a few new habits and to stop trying to rush everything.
This place has the best staff ever and they are going out of their way to help me and accommodate my dietary needs (not being able to eat most carbs and needing protein based snacks 3-4 times a day so I can get enough to heal) the CNAs and Nurses are really good at what they do and treat me well, most of all the nurse doesn’t make me feel foolish or like a druggy when I need pain meds or get confused about timing.
Despite how nice it is here I want to be out of here by May 6th for Alexs birthday if I can


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