That oh so clean feeling

I am as clean as I have ever been, everyday for a week I have had to wash in surgical cleanser (Hibastat) and wash my hair, last night I took a regular soap shower and washed my hair twice then right before bed took a shower again and washed with Hibastat Twice and left it on for 3 minutes each time. 
This morning I repeated the last shower and painted my knee with orange Hibastat concentrate.
Everything we own has been disinfected, washed and ran through the dryer (Some multiple times in the case of bedding) and my skin feels as if it will peel off it is so dry from all the washing (can’t put lotion on yesterday or today)
Now we have 50 minutes til I have to check into a hospital that is 15 mins away during rush hour and it is around 5am.  I am laying on top of my very clean new bedding, with the dryer and dish washer going with the last loads before I head out the door.
I feel OK but very thirsty since I can’t eat or drink and can only gargle water and spit it out to keep my mouth wet. I am at that phase where I fear the pain of tomorrow but want to just get it done and over with!
Alex is getting himself food so I don’t have to touch or look at it and getting his stuff ready to spend a big chunk of the day waiting with me and then waiting to see how I am.
OK 20 minutes til we head out, everything is packed and heading towards the car and I would kill for coffee


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