Want a nice guy?

I have the ultimate nice guy, sexy, funny, not a wimp just so very good to me and other people so I get asked how do you find a nice guy…here’s my answer:
Want a nice guy?
Define what you want to yourself in detail and stick with it, write a list and then look at it and remove truly superficial things that if they were on a man’s list for women would offend you (i.e. perfect body, makes 40k a yr) Then refuse to settle for less than a decent person in your life.
Don’t settle for a jerk because you are lonely, don’t give in to just physical attractions then whine about “he wasn’t nice to me”
Treat nice guys (nice people for that matter) well regardless of whether you are attracted to them or not, you don’t have to date them but let them know you appreciate their behavior.
Treat everyone how you wish to be treated
If you are not interested in someone romantically be polite about it but be right up front too.
If you want people not to judge you on looks don’t judge others on theirs, if you are not attracted fine but be willing to get to know people even if they aren’t what turns you on, you might make a friend.
Most of all take a look at your own behavior and ask yourself if you would qualify as “a nice person” if not then work on it.

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