Being treated for MSSA, thankfully not MRSA

I had pre surgery screening last week and it ends up I have MSSA which is a pre symptom to possibly getting MRSA, which could cause me to get a horrible infection that could kill me.  20% of the population has this at any time and I may have had it for years.
The strange thing is I have none of the symptoms it can cause you to have, in fact I have never been healthier than I have this last 2 years.
They told me to put this ointment in my nose 2 times a day and scrub (nearly) every inch of skin with Hibistat pre operative cleanser for a week, which dries my skin out. Thankfully I can use coconut oil to moisturize til Monday then I am out of luck but anything is pretty much better than MRSA especially in a joint replacement.
Thankfully my husband Alex is amazing, he is totally willing to shower daily and has even been using the nose ointment and cleanser.  Also because we are treating it as if I already am out of surgery we have started washing our bedding daily….not just our sheets and pillowcase but ALL of it either goes in the wash or is treated in the dryer.  Alex makes the bed and “bakes” our blankets and pillows in the dryer without any complaint and knowing he will be there for me and knowing he won’t resent me while I heal is amazing!
Being treated for MSSA before surgery is better than being treated for MRSA after surgery

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