I love clearance deals…clearances are like the happy flash mob of sales Today I got bricks of cheddar and Mozzarella cheese at winco for about $1.67 a pound (half price) because they needed to be used or grated and frozen this week…bought 7.6 pounds for under $14 and pulled out my handy food processor and with 30mins of minor effort I have 7 bags of grated cheese in the freezer. Stocking up high protein stuff for my recovery that is easy to cook and eat.
I made BBQ chicken, some soup with a small roast, Buffalo chicken (red hot with a little ranch and mozzarella cheese on top)
I am going to make some peanut chicken bites, some salsa chicken, some chicken Alfredo with tofu in the sauce and cook a ham, make some into a ricotta egg bake with ham and some cheese soup with ham and the rest is for a few big casseroles for Alex and Tenney (sort of a roommate/neighbor) and I have a small beef roast and will make some beef stroganoff sauce with mushrooms and sliced onions.


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