32 day, 100 miles or bust

32 days til surgery (4 weeks) April 16 2013 I get my right knee replaced and most likely July 9th 2013 (possibly July 16th) I get the left done.  The stronger that my legs are the better, so on Friday March 1st I joined the local YMCA which is about 2.5 miles from my house downtown.
I have had my cortisone shots so I am doing amazingly well but most of the machines are not right for me and might cause a lot of damage and set me back.  Thankfully I found one stationary bike that allows me to have my knees in front of me in a way that doesn’t hurt me.
I have gone 10 of the last 14 Days and I went from riding 1.5 miles up to 6.5 yesterday and my goal right now is to put 100 miles on the stationary bike in the next 4 weeks, that is 25 miles a week, working out about 5x a week I will only need to ride 5 miles at a time. 
This particular bike allows me to pedal and work my arms at the same time and I can change the resistance, the angle of my legs, I can peddle backwards and forwards to work different muscles and I can work just my legs or my arms.
I plan to peddle 5.5 miles at a session then do just the arms for a mile (which doesn’t go towards my goal)
I talked to a trainer and he told me that unlike strength training I am doing endurance training and can do the same exercises everyday especially if I am mixing up my resistance and how I peddle.  I can work out 3 to 4 days in a row and take one off for best results and do something different in between like take a exercise class with my grandmother or an extra long walk with my husband.
I had started wearing my old Fitbit Ultra pedometer to monitor my walking in between working out but it suffered a sad fate and went through the washing machine.  Since Alex joined the Y with me and will be going for extra walks with me we ate going to buy a pair of Fitbit Flex pedometer bracelets  http://www.fitbit.com/flex
You set it up on the site and tell it your fitness goals for the day and it has little led lights the go on as you get closer to your target, the pedometer is wireless and you can access it on line and use a very comprehensive website to help reach your goals.
I see no reason to have gone through weight loss surgery and not be able to walk so I am getting my knees replaced, I see no reason to do that if I don’t make the most of it.


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