Mistakes and excuses

I had a very stressful last 24 hours, missed some of my meds, got shorted $16 and lost $20 worth of stuff I needed, then had a lot of pain issues, and had some business SNAFUs come up then banking issues and I used it all as an excuse to buy a huge cookie knowing it would mess me up, I ate a few bites and threw the damn thing out the car window then went and worked out despite my knee hating me.
The thing is I didn’t buy it Because I had a bad day, I used having a bad day as an excuse to misbehave and then I remembered EXCUSES ARE BORING AND FOR THE WEAK.
I did not have major surgery and lose this weight to keep making excuses and I don’t have to be weak anymore.
I know that I will mess up again but only I can decide how badly, how often and how I let it effect my determination to succeed. 
So it is time to forgive and move on but not forget and repeat.


One thought on “Mistakes and excuses

  1. Jackie says:

    Way to be awesome! 🙂

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