Using bracelets to hack my habits

I got this great idea from Offbeat Home and Life

I am determined to get all my exercise and water in each day (since I have been really dehydrated lately and it increases the pain) so I went and got 9 bangle bracelets from Fred Meyers to help me keep track, I have to have nickle free bangles so I was lucky to find this set 40% off ($5.99) I comes with 6 silver and 3 black thin metal bangles that have a delicate clink that helps remind me to pay attention.

I move them from wrist to wrist as I finish what I am suppose to do.

I have 5 of the silver ones for exercise (5 sets of straight leg rises), the 3 black ones for water (3 large glasses of Just water more than whatever else I drink during the day) and I am using bright red fingernail polish to paint the remaining silver one to represent the days I go to the gym.

Here are the first 8 after I did one set of leg lifts and drank 30 oz of water.




One thought on “Using bracelets to hack my habits

  1. that was a nice effort ! I get inspired by your posts . we live in India . I am also trying to reduce my weight and your posts helpme to remind myself on what to do and what not to do .

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