One knee at a time, one step at a time

yay!!! So she thinks one knee at a time which I am now happy with after talking to her, better chance of recovery and better mobility. When I asked her which knee was worse and which she suggested her response was “they are both horrible” but we decided on the left knee and I will be going under for that one Tuesday April 16th and having the right one done early to Mid July

Getting standing knee X-rays done at 216 is easier than at 300+ pounds, I remember 2 years ago it was so hard to hold a position long enough for them to take the pics, now it is hard to do a few of the knee bends but not excruciating, i hope by this time next year it will be easy and painless

Also the local Y are giving me a 6 month discount on my new membership because of need (pre training and PT after surgery) So $27 a month and since I only have 6 weeks to build up my legs I need to start going 4 to 5 days a week my surgeon wants me to do 100 leg lifts for each leg a day (5 sets of 20…. starting out 5 sets of 5 for 4 days then adding a few each day until I am at 20 5 times a day within 3 weeks)
She also wants me to do a reclined cycle and swim so I got some clothes today, I can not really wear a bathing suit with all the weight I lost unless I wear a full bra under it so I bought jersey shorts and sports bras to wear under a tank top.  Also some workout pants.
I now fit in a 2x in pants and a 1-2x (18-22) in tops, before I was a 5-6x (32-36)

I got my cortisone shot after the appointment and it hit some serious scar tissue and she said it was good we are doing the surgery now as it would just get harder to get the needles in as my knees get worse.
I can’t take oral NSAIDs often (ibuprofen, aspirin,) and I have to cut way way back on the PenNSAID ointment I use on my knees. I need to heal up any damage I may have done my stomach with them so that if need be I can start all over again. I know they will manage my pain with liquid lortab norco for the worse 3 weeks and I will survive, but last night the pain was awful and there are times I worry about what a wimp I am. 
Then I realized that the worse problem with the pain and the horrible spasms in my legs I was having was that pain like that does me no good. These Gawd awful spasms serve no purpose, they tear me up for no good reason, I know the post surgery pain will be awful, it will hurt worse than this but this kind of pain is hell because I suffer for no real purpose or gain and that post surgery pain, no matter how bad will just be pain and it will be leading to a better life.
There is a difference.

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