Exercise on bad knees

After a cortisone shot it takes about 3 days for the pain to mellow out and the swelling to go away, for a little bit they actually hurt worse than before.
Thankfully after 5 or 6 days it also kicks the neuropathy (localized nerve seizures) that show up at night, keep me awake and tend to show up after exertion.
I am now a member of the Y in Downtown Boise and I start Monday with reclined cycling and upper body workout. I will be going Mon through Fri and walking more every day of the week with Saturdays as a slower day to give my body time to rest.
I need to start tomorrow working my way up to doing prescribed exercise, 5 sets of 20 straight leg raises throughout the day (starting with reps of 5 and every 2nd day adding a few until I hit 20) it sounds stupid but I can walk and even cycle easier than I can do the leg raises since for some reason those set off my neuropathy and the spasms. Hopefully by the time I get to reps of 10 (by Thur) the cortisone will have done its job.


Straight Leg Raise- Lie on your back with your legs straight out in front of you. Tighten up the top of your thigh muscle on the injured leg and lift that leg about 8 inches off the floor, keeping the thigh muscle tight throughout. Slowly lower your leg back down to the floor.

A few days ago I overdid the leg lifts and the spasms were horrendous so I am taking my time. I now have my Fitbit pedometer so that I can work up to walking a mile a day.
That may not seem like much but I am basically walking on broken bones with lovely bone spurs growing here and there and that is a lot for me.
This is pretty much what my knees look like but on the inner side of each it is bone on bone.



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