Stop bragging that you are crazy

“I’m crazy”
“I’m broken” 
“I’m tragic and flawed” 
“I’m damaged”
What you are is fucking bragging….stop reinforcing these things as if they somehow are the only things that make you special.
I see this non stop with a lot of people, wistful posts about how emotionally damaged they are, how they are truly frail and delicate of soul, how they can never be better and yet how it somehow makes them unique.  Nope it just constantly gives you a reason to not work towards being more than broken.
I am broken in many ways but I try not to post memes of how delicate a soul I have and how no one understands, people do, others have been through similar stuff and while few will have the exact combination of shit in their lives as you most can sympathize with a lot of it.
The more you energy you put towards telling yourself you are damaged the less energy you put towards fixing it.
How about being special because you over came adversity not because you are some tragic hero(ine)
Stop worshipping your failings and start rocking your abilities damn it.


You know what? I am weak, I am broken, I am damaged, I just won’t let it stop me anymore….those statements are not the end of the story they don’t define me, they define my battle, they are what I aim to fix until I can say “I am stronger than anyone, even I knew.” “I fixed so much of what was damaged and I refuse to accept being broken as long as I am willing to work to fix those things”
So I may be damaged but only I can truly hold me back at this point and I am the only thing that defines me that matters.



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