Irish car bomb cake

A friend of mine is having a birthday this week so I made him Guinness bread and a IRISH CAR BOMB CAKE

so here is the very simple recipe for this totally epic cake

1 box of chocolate fudge pudding added cake mix
Eggs and oil as called for
Replace the water in the recipe with fresh Guinness

Mix everything with beaters and pour the still slightly foamy cake mix into an oiled 9×13″ pan (or two 8×8″ pans)
Bake according to recipe on the box

2 cups of powdered sugar for glaze or 3 cups for a thick frosting
3 tbsp of soft butter
Mix half Irish Cream liquor and half whiskey in a small cup and slowly add to the sugar while whisking it until frosting is desired thickness
(For sweeter frosting use more Irish cream and less whiskey)
If you need to make this nonalcoholic use Irish cream coffee creamer

For glaze spread frosting on slightly warm cake and allow to cool
For thicker frosting make sure cake is cold before frosting it
For the best flavor allow the cake to sit for an hour at least.

This is an amazingly moist yummy cake
Both recipes only used up a single 22 oz bottle of Guinness, the bread can use a flat beer but the cake needs fresh foamy beer to get the fluffy texture that helps make it so light and moist.


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