Did it list, Feb 2-8

To keep myself motivated and to remind myself that I am doing as much as I can I am going to be posting a list of the things I do each day that take up my time and energy.

Note: I don’t walk fast, I often go window shopping because of the weather, for me with my knees so bad even slow walking and standing can be difficult so I time it instead of figuring mileage.

Saturday Feb 2: pain level between annoying and severe, energy level moderate
Baked 2 batches of oat bread from scratch
Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher twice, did large dishes by hand
Swept in kitchen
Made apple butter and baked Mac and cheese for company
Washed and dried 2 loads of clothes
Dumped water bucket
Helped clean front room
Cut up 6 pounds strawberries for freezing
Walked 30+ mins
Gamed 7pm-12:30

Sunday Feb 3: pain level severe (4-5) exhausted, slept a lot
Walked/shopped 45 mins+
Made 2 different casseroles
Visited grandma and put down ice melt at her house
Loaded dishwasher
Washed and dried 2 loads of blankets
Helped put away laundry
Put large casseroles in 8-10 containers for freezing
Made soup and a rice dish with leftovers to use up/repurpose freezer stuff

Monday Feb 4: pain level medium to high (3-4) moderately to severely tired {only minor slips food wise}
Walked 70 mins
Loaded the dishwasher
Spent an hour cleaning and organizing the art room
Drove 40 miles round trip to visit a gallery
Deboned 9 pounds of baked chicken leg quarters
Made Alex lunch

Tuesday Feb 5: pain level moderate, energy level low {ate way too many carbs}
Walked 45 minutes
Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher
wash and dried a load of laundry
Made lunch
Spent an hour sorting books

Wednesday Feb 6:  pain level medium, energy level above average
40 mins organizing in art room
3.5 hours working on art projects
Baked 1 batch of oat apple bread
Walked 30-40 mins

Thursday Feb 7:   pain level moderate, energy level above average, mood good {only a few slips food wise}
Made Turkey tetrazini
35 minutes organizing the deep freeze
Bagged up a gallon of frozen strawberries into small bags
Put away groceries for 15 mins
Made sweet potato/lentil soup for mom
Made strata/egg dish for Alex
90 mins walking
Changed cat litter
Did 1 load of laundry
Did 1 load of dishes

Friday Feb 8: pain level low to moderate, exhausted early due to sleep meds, a lot of energy later, {ate way to many carbs late in evening, drank way way too much wine}
60 mins walking
Shopping for grandma
Baked and 3 large dishes
Organized and held small art party for 4 hours
Actually got some sleep after about 4 days of not enough
Cleaned kitchen

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