So much I want to do, now if my body would jusagree

I want to do more house cleaning and supply organizing to keep up the momentum of yesterday but I am wiped out after doing about an hour and a half of sorting and putting stuff away (broken down into 15 minute sessions),
cutting up and freezing 6 pounds of strawberries, (got them on clearance for $0.99 a pound)
Calling our DSL provider 4 times and getting the run around for an hour.
Cooking and deboning 4 pounds of chicken leg quarters for my soup,
baking 4 loaves of bread
doing a load of dishes
And taking our neighbor to and from work across town

The thing is when I see the list written out like that it looks like so much but it feels as if I haven’t gotten much of anything done today,a all. There is just so much I want to do and I am trapped in a body that just can’t keep up. I feel as if even a totally average person on an average day could have done so much more than I can on my best day.
I KNOW I am doing more than I ever have before but it is so hard to accept that the more I do the longer my recovery sometimes is afterwards. I can do so much more but chances are I will never be able to get done as much as I want to at any given time.

Though I will say the bread came out pretty epic


One thought on “So much I want to do, now if my body would jusagree

  1. Jackie says:

    My opinion is we never should be expected to be grateful we can do 40% of what we could do prior to being sick. We just need to accept it and recognize at least we have that 40%. But be happy and grateful? That’s like being happy a psychotic murderer only managed to hack off your right arm.

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