Got a lot done today, 1-30-12

Today has been a busy day despite being pretty sick from a sugar binge yesterday.
I took my grandmother shopping and spent some time visiting with her over coffee, the store we go to has a coffee shop in it so we have a cup then she reads a magazine  while I do her shopping.
Later I went shopping for ceramic markers at Joann’s and went to Barnes and Noble with my mom and walked all over those stores as well, then stopped back by the grocery store to get yogurt and came home just long enough to start cooking a large pot of spicy tomato with chicken soup before going across town to pick up our friend/neighbor from work. (Oh man I can’t wait til the little car he and my husband share to get to work is repaired.)
I also got a ton of stuff done in the house today:
My friend Ginger gave us a small dresser that will work amazingly well as a sideboard in the kitchen since we have so little built in storage in there.  I put the wire rack that was where the sideboard was on top of it after repairing a broken drawer and organized the bake ware in it as well as in the cupboards in an easier to use way, not to mention I am now less likely to drop large Pyrex cake pans on my head.
I moved my food storage/freezer bags, my coffee cups and my spices around to different cupboards so that my spices won’t be sitting in full light on the back of the stove.
I emptied the dishwasher twice and the second load is just finishing up and I also ran a load of clothing and the dryer is also finishing now.
I made Alex lunch and chopped up vegetables for my soup (I intend to eat as much as I can for the next 3 days to clear my system)
I sorted a bunch of art supplies and put them away and organized a lot of the storage options I am trying to figure out in the art room.

I tend to put off getting stuff done and I am always shocked how little time it takes, that whole list of chores in the house took maybe 2.5 hours broken up in smaller bursts of activity.
Finally my knees started demanding I put medicine on them to take down the swelling and it tends to make me drowsy or I might have done more.  Stupid arthritis.


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