Falling on my now slightly boney butt

Went out while Alex was asleep and broke up some of the ice in the driveway and in the gutter that was blocked up so it would drain. I did the gutter from my place where the drain is over 2 houses where my grandma lives to get the little gutter lakes that had built up to drain.  Man could I feel it in my abbs.
A couple of years ago it would never have occurred to me to even try to get out a 6 pound ice breaker “shovel” and tear through a lot of ice and snow for 40 minutes in the cold
I decided to do it after I fell on my my ass while walking across the frozen driveway to the trash can. It wasn’t a bad fall, almost like in slow motion where you just sort of slip into a sitting position except kind of BUMP OOUUUFFFFF instead of OWE!!!!!
Well let’s say for the first time in a couple of years I miss all that junk in my trunk I use to have, my booty pillow butt would have been awfully handy for a padded landing.  One thing they don’t tell you when you lose a huge amount of weight after being really really big for so long is how much more it hurts to bump against things when you can feel your bones…lol
Oh well if a lightly bruised slightly boney ass is the worse of my problems today I guess I am doing pretty damn good.


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